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Dear Scott:

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased we are with the work performed by California Cool Roof Coatings.

Having an old roof in need of repair, being very ecologically sensitive and having a desire to reduce the overall ambient temperature in our house, we decided to try your product on the roof of our home. As background our house does not have air conditioning, was built in 1959 (no ceiling insulation), and although improved over the years, can still be quite hot during certain times of the year (despite living at the beach). During the period August 3-6, 2009 your "cool roof coatings'" was installed on our roof. My wife took 10 key temperature measurements, at various places in the house, prior to and immediately after installation. As a reference point, on hot days the temperature
inside the house can reach as high as 88 degrees. Overall we are extremely pleased as we are averaging inside ambient temperatures that are 10-12 degrees less on extremely hot days. Bottom-line your product works and we have been telling everyone about it.

Having a great product is important but equally so is insuring it is installed right. Having built a house in the past we are pretty knowledgeable about dealing with quality contractors. The contracting side of your business is one of the best services we've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Your knowledge, customer service attitude, and professionalism were a real plus on a difficult job that basically renovated a 25 year old roof. We would happily use your services again and would heartily recommend it to

Finally, after 2 years the roof still looks like new while we have continued to experience consistent cooler indoor temperatures as well as significant energy savings. Thank you for developing a wonderful product along with a superior installation service.

All the best,

R.H. B. - Dana Point, California

We have had CA Cool Roof Coatings doing the needed repairs and upgrades on the roofs of our 13 commercial buildings for many years. They do an excellent job and have our highest recommendations.
R.M.- Shopping Center Owner-Indio, California

I am pleased to recommend California Cool Roof Coatings. They did a very thorough job, with no delays, no mess, and no disruptions to my business. My utility bills are lower than expected, so I am very glad we chose California Cool Roof Coatings.
Hotel-Indian Wells, California

Hi Scott,
Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our cool roof that you installed a few months ago. Your crew of workers were great always on time and did a great job. Do believe our Edison statement is a few hundred dollars less that before.

Again our thanks

P. & D. M.

My partner and I chose Mr. Scott Carter to coat our roof after obtaining several estimates. Everyone of the estimates had different things to say including that the job could not be done.

Scott is an honest man with integrity and that is the sole reason we chose him. I am a new home owner in the Coachella Valley. Home repairs are not my favorite thing to deal with. But I do know that If I chose to deal with an individual (like Scott Carter) who I trust that the job will be done right - and it was. Thanks Scott!

We can recommend Scott Carter and his company without reservation.

Dr. M.H. and Mr. C.M. - Palm Springs, California

"Following a small leak on the roof of my home in Indian Wells I was given the dilemma of what and how far to go with the repairs. After some research I found Scott Carter at 'Cool Roof Coatings' The principle of a reflective coating and the energy savings benefits was very attractive, equally as much of the cost to complete which proved to be around 40% less than the main competitors. Once the work had been completed the difference was immediately apparent. As we moved toward the extreme heat of the summer without A/C the temperature inside the house rose slowly. As the daytime outside temperatures reached 110 - 115 degrees f and 90 - 95 degrees f at night, the inside temperature starting from 82 degrees f rose to match the night time temperatures but this rise was at about 2 degree's a day and took nearly a week. The inside temperature never rose above the outside nighttime temperatures. Using the A/C to maintain a comfortable inside temperature we used about 40-50% less A/C running time and saved approximately $300 a month. The biggest and best surprise came we started into late autumn and moved toward winter. As much as Cool roof doesn't let the heat in it also doesn't let the heat out. Its now November and the daytime temperature is between 82-94 degrees f and nighttime 48-56 degrees f. The temperature inside the house has remained fairly constant between 70-74 degrees f day and night. If this maintains this level we won't require heating at all which will show a winter saving of about $150 a month. My estimate is that my energy savings will be in the region of $2,550 each year and the re-finish of the roof will have paid for itself in 4 years. Our roof size refinished is 2800 sq feet.
I cannot recommend this roof treatment highly enough for those wishing to be environmentally and wallet friendly."

Mr. GC - Indian Wells,CA