Complete Roof Restoration Services


The main reason for establishing a program of regular roof maintenance inspections is to protect the property owner’s financial investment. In our opinion, the roof is the most important and least attended to portion of the building envelope. Unfortunately, for most property owners their current approach to roofing is, out of sight, out of mind.

The result of this oversight is excessive roof life cycle cost. At California Cool Roof Coatings our concept is to take a Proactive approach to your roof rather than a Reactive one (during the big storm). Additionally we can apply Commercial Grade Solar Reflective coating to your existing roof to save your tenants energy cost (you’re the good guy) while extending the life of your existing roof (resulting in stretching  your roof investment dollars). Our semi-annual Proactive Roof inspection and Maintenance Program consists of the following values.


  • Conduct a visual overall inspection of the current condition of the roof surface.
  • Inspect roof penetration points such as pipe flashings, a/c platforms, and ducting supports.
  • Inspect parapet walls, expansion joints, and counterflashing metal seams.
  • Inspect roof for low spots and evidence of ponding water.
  • Inspect roof primary and secondary drains. Inspect roof edge metal, facias, and gutters

Written Report

  • General roof condition review with life expectancy
  • Photo’s of problem areas with brief description.
  • Suggested maintenance and repair proposal.
  • Short and long term projections of maintenance and repair costs.
  • Proposal cost to add or reapply solar reflective coating.

Routine Maintenance

  • Removal of foreign debris from roof surface, scuppers, and drains.
  • Reattachment and sealing of roof flashings as required.
  • Make patch repairs at any cracks, worn areas, nail pop-ups etc. to the roof surface as required.
  • Reattach and seal coping metal and roof edge metal seams as required.
  • Annual power-washing of roof surface with cleaning agent.

In conclusion, California Cool Roof Coatings can customize a roof maintenance program to your specific needs and budget. We look forward to working with you toward Significant Roof Life Cycle Cost Savings, while giving you peace of mind during the next big rainstorm (or during the intense summer heat). References gladly given upon request.