Complete Roof Restoration Services


Energy Saving Solar Reflective Sustainable Roof Systems

Advantages of having a Cool Roof:

  • Protect and Extend the life of your existing roof.
  • Cools Roof Surface Temperature up to 60 degrees
  • Significant Energy Savings by Reducing Cooling Cost.
  • Lengthens Life of air conditioning unit
  • Reflects UV Rays (#1 Destroyer of Roofs)
  • Reduce Solar Heat Transfer to the building
  • Reduce Buildings Carbon Footprint and Global Warming
  • Can be Depreciated in Single Tax Year as “Maintenance”
  • Periodic  Re-coating Creates Sustainable Roof System
  • No Messy Tear Off and disposal adding to landfills
  • Liquid Product Results in a Uniform Seamless Surface
  • Installed by a Local Highly Skilled Application Team