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About Us

Fully licensed and insured, Scott Carter is a general and roofing contractor specializing in: commercial, residential, remodel, and renovation. Scott Carter, Owner, has lived in the desert area for over forty years. Since his youth, Scott has always been interested in how things worked. He would borrow his dad’s tools to fix bicycles, he did well with repairs around the home, and he always excelled in his projects in woodshop. When entering the work force, he was drawn to the construction industry.

Scott’s Construction Services Inc. has been doing business in the Coachella Valley since 1988. Scott while at one his clients (Kmart shopping center) making several trips on the roof when he became aware that over 100,000 sq. ft. of roof was nearing final phase of life. He immediately began research on the possibility of restoring and maintaining roof as opposed to traditional roof replacement. This was the beginning of California Cool Roof Coatings.

For the first year he hired a roofer to do minor repairs and roll coating. By year (2), he rented spray equipment and began doing his own roof repairs.  By year (3), he had bought several large spray rigs. Upon year (4), he bought another sprayer and added a C-39 roofing classification license to his contracting license. Scott is very excited about the opportunity of selling value to clients that California Cool Roof Coatings has brought him; while also allowing them to get a return off their roofing investment in energy savings and not making capital expenditures (new roof).

Principal — Scott Carter entered the construction industry over thirty years ago. Scott’s years of living in the HOT desert climate as well as his passion to incorporate “green technology” into roofing projects make him especially qualified to bring a California Cool Roof to you.

Philosophy — California Cool Roof Coatings is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship, with attention to detail, as cost efficiently as possible. We will provide consistent service with the goal of complete customer satisfaction. Our “hands on” attention to job progress and timely completion are priority to all us at California Cool Roof Coatings.

Mission Statement—Ultimately, our goal is to restore your roof with our high quality coatings when feasible. This reflective roof coating is usually the best option for your roof because it cools and protects. Think of it as sun block for you roof. Often you eliminate roof replacement; additionally your roof life cycle cost is drastically reduced.


We possess core values that make the heart of our business principals:

Honesty —We present our clients with straightforward information, in our free roof evaluation. We do our best to assist our clients in making informed decisions. Noninvasive, and not pushy, we are not a “hard sell”. Our goal is to provide value and investment return usually between 15% and 30% in energy cost savings.

Respect—We understand that respect needs to earned, not freely given. We want to show you that mutual respect is very important to our business not only on a professional but also on a personal level.

Integrity— We understand it takes trust to let new people into your home and life. We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each project. “I do each project and roof as if it were my own home.” (Scott Carter)  We guarantee all of our work to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less.

Sustainability—Traditional roof replacement is obsolete because that brand new roof must eventually be replaced. Instead, we are providing a long-term roof solution that gives a return on your investment through energy savings. Our roof systems provide sustainability by reducing roof tear off that ends up in landfills. This option also reduces global warming by cutting greenhouse gases because the roof coating reflects sunlight back out to space instead of trapping it in the atmosphere.

Long Term Client Relationship—We value the importance of lasting relationships with our clients as opposed to a “quick sale”. We are here to help clients find the best “dollar value”. This genuine interest in helping you save money helps initiate the bond of a long-term, mutually beneficial, relationship. Our services are always available (on-call in case of emergencies), we are here to assist in any need you may have.

Client Participation — Each client receives one-on-one attention throughout the entire process. We walk clients through restoration along with providing before, during, and after pictures of project development. We invite our clients to participate during the process because we value your input.